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Pay Day

April 30th, 2021 at 05:57 pm

Today was payday for both The Husband and myself. I felt very flush for all of 30 minutes until I paid all of our bills and parcelled all the money out to where it needed to go!

I have talked about the way we budget in a previous post. With this payday, we put money into several different envelopes: gas, food, car repair, pet, and Christmas.  We also had to pay a car registration this month. We were "behind" on giving to our church. (This is our choice on how much we want to give every year/month and with an extra paycheck this month, we were able to get "caught up". We usually tithe monthly, but had some unexpected expenses come up the last couple months; and we are glad we are able to donate to our church!)

Due to some large expenses we had made over the last six months, our savings was lower than we are comfortable with. We bought a used truck (paid cash) that we then needed to insure. We also bought a new "garage" fridge. Although we paid cash for both items, we took the money out of our savings. We have been building our savings back up. Because of our refinance, we don't have to make a mortgage payment for the month of May. We took our usual mortgage payment and put it into savings, which brought us back up to the threshhold we are comfortable with.

The husband also had about 10 hours of overtime on this paycheck. All the "extra" money went towards debt. We have some monthly subscriptions that get put on our credit card and those were all paid today as well.

We have a couple of checks waiting to clear and payments waiting to process, but when all is really said and done, we will have parcelled out all the money towards one goal or another! 

I'm happy our bills are paid for the month. I'm happy we were able to get our savings back up to the point where we feel comfortable. And I'm happy to put money towards our debt. All in all, it was a productive 30 minutes! Hahaha! I feel a lot like FocusedinmyForties talks about feeling when they pay bills and then they have to wait around for two weeks until the next payday!

1 Responses to “Pay Day”

  1. FocusedinmyForties Says:

    Ha yes! It would be so nice if we could take tangible steps every day to progress towards our goals, but then I guess we would not be as invested.
    Great job on catching up on everything!

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