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New Washer...

May 27th, 2021 at 05:36 pm

Our washer just went out. The bearings on it went out. The last load of laundry I did left our house smelling like smoke so we decided no more laundry in that machine! Our washer was 12 years old and a floor model when we bought it, so I'm not too unhappy with its lifespan, although I would have loved if it had lasted longer.

We bought basically the same model that we had, just upgraded by 12 years. I feel like this new washer is so high tech! It has bluetooth so you can start it from your phone. I told my husband, unless the laundry grows legs and can sort and load itself, I don't need bluetooth on my washer! 

Good news/bad news on the new washer. Good news is we have a savings account for just this type of thing and The Husband earned a lot of overtime that will be showing up on his next paycheck! Bad news is most of his overtime will go to paying for our washer now instead of going towards debt. I'm trying to be positive and remember that at least the washer isn't adding to our debt!

We were totally without a washer for only 5 days but were limping it along for about a week before that. Boy does laundry pile up! Since The Husband got it installed yesterday, it has been going non-stop! 5 people and two pool parties create a lot of laundry!

We paid $699 for washer, on sale. We had to buy a new hose for another $30 and tax brought the total up to about $790. Again, bright side is that we have the money to pay for it! 

2 Responses to “New Washer... ”

  1. Dido Says:

    Enjoy the new washer. I just got a new one myself. I had the same problem: the bearing went out. I got (or me and the previous homeowner got) 22 years out of the old machine, so it was time. Mine doesn't have any of the fancy blue tooth stuff. And my old plumbing was not up to the outflow on the new machine, so I ended up spending even more than the washing machine cost to have my plumbing upgraded. But at least I can do laundry again! It definitely piles up, even when you live alone!

  2. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    At least you bought the washer without debt!

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