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Murphy Decided to Pay us a Visit

August 29th, 2023 at 06:22 pm

Murphy decided to pay us a visit. UGH!

We are strongly considering moving (I will do a full post on that eventually), and during the course of packing some stuff up, I walked across an area of carpet and it felt a little damp. I thought I was imagining things and I didn’t really think much of it. About 10 minutes later, I walked across the area again and it again felt damp to me. Just slightly damp, but damp. This time, I had my husband come check if it felt damp to him… and it did.

We have bookshelves lining the wall where we felt dampness, so we pulled the books and three shelves out and lo and behold, there was some wet drywall and baseboards and damp carpet. The other side of this wall is our fridge. We pulled the fridge out and saw that there was a hose leaking from our fridge. We don’t know how long is has been leaking, but it’s been long enough to damage the baseboards on both sides of the wall and about a foot of drywall too.

It sucks! Especially because we are trying to get our house ready to show in the event that we do move. This is a pretty major setback. We have fans set up on each side of the wall to dry out the water and then we will really be able to see the damage and what we will need to do to fix it.

This fridge has been nothing but a nightmare since we bought it brand new almost 7 years ago. We remodeled the kitchen in our old house and got all new appliances. The fridge we chose had an ice and water machine. The ice/water stopped working within six months of getting the fridge.  Also, things on the left side of the fridge freeze. (We have had to throw out sour cream more than once because it got shifted to the left side of the fridge and frozen. Sour cream just doesn’t defrost well.) Items also freeze in the crisper drawers. I have hated this fridge almost since day one… and this just gave me cause to hate it more.

On the bright side, my husband is very handy and he will be able to do all the work himself. It will just take time and money. It won’t be a super expensive fix money-wise, but it will be pretty costly timewise. Dry wall repair takes a while. The timing of this is not ideal, but it never would be. Hopefully we will be able to repair it relatively quickly and get back to getting the house ready to show.

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