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Final No-Spend September Update

October 2nd, 2023 at 06:04 pm

Our grocery budget during No-Spend September was brutal! We did our last shopping trip on Saturday 9/30. Technically I could have played the game and not gone grocery shopping until Sunday, but either way, the money was going to be spent. We were at about $420 and spend another $198, so actually over our normal budget of $600. We spent (roughly) $618 on groceries for the month.

We got 6 gallons of milk, Greek yogurt, raspberry, oranges, apples, asparagus, artichokes, 4 loaves of bread, almond butter, 5 dozen eggs, cashews, mixed nuts, feta cheese, and sliced cheese. Fruits and vegetables were more expensive than usual but the price of eggs has come down a little.

Although I wasn’t successful on my grocery budget challenge for this No-Spend September, I feel like overall the month was successful. I charged way less on my credit card. I didn’t make any impulse orders from Amazon all month (and hope to continue this!), and we put some money in savings.

I’m still counting this No-Spend September as a good reset. It’s always good to reset and look at your spending habits and your triggers and I think this past month was good for me. Hopefully we will make a good dent in our debt this month!

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