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Counting Chickens

February 20th, 2024 at 05:13 pm

Lately I’ve been counting my chickens before they’re hatched… which is never a good thing. I’m so sick of this monkey called debt on my back and I’m working out all the scenarios I can to pay it off! We have some money coming in from various places over the next few months and if it all comes in as expected and when expected, we could possibly be credit card debt free by the end of May. But that is only if all the stars align.

Teachers in my district have not been working under a contract for salary since August. Our union reached a tentative agreement last week for a 6.25% raise (retroactive to July 1st) and 2% one-time monies. With that check I would net between $4500 - $5000 after retirement contributions and taxes.

I am also the soccer coach at my school. When I get paid after the season, I will net $1750, again after retirement contributions and taxes.

March is a three-paycheck month for my husband, one of two every year. We will put a chunk of the extra paycheck into savings and fund our gas and food envelopes like normal. However, retirement and benefits are not taken out of his third paycheck, so we should have an extra $1100 to put towards debt in March.

Lastly, I am selling one of my rings to my daughter’s boyfriend to be used as an engagement ring. (We gave him a good deal, but since the ring is already paid for, it’s all profit for us.) That will be another $1000 to go towards our credit card debt.

The extra monies alone add up to $8350! But, again, as of right now, these are all speculative funds, they haven’t hit our bank account yet.

All of these “extras” are in addition to our normal debt payments which range anywhere from $750 – 1000 a month depending on what expenses we have each month.

I don’t know if everything will pan out as planned but sometimes, it’s good to dream!

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  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Lord willing and the creek don't rise... That's what my grandma used to say about crop harvest, that it didn't get flooded out before they could get it all in and off to market. I understand planning. Last year I planned out every budget for the entire year in January. I haven't done it yet this year, but I think I am going to for March on. I just like to see where I am going. Sounds like you do, too. You know that life may throw you curve balls and you don't have the money until you have the money, so you are keeping your head straight, so it's okay to dream a little bit.

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