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March 1st, 2024 at 06:47 pm

Payday was yesterday (for me) and today (for my husband). I feel like we made some good strides this week.

We sent about $650 towards our credit card and stuffed a lot of envelopes this week. We are still dealing with car drama from our car being stolen. (It was found but was in really bad shape. Seats were written on with sharpees, all four sides of the outside had some sort of damage, etc. It was like they played bumber cars with our car!) Due to the car situation, we stuffed $700 into car repair and an additional $300 into our new car fund, with the idea we will be combining those one way or another when the time comes. We also paid our mortgage and added $300 to our savings. 

Sinking fund balances as of 3/1/24:

Christmas: $820

Gas: $965

Food: $300

Clothes: $230

Household: $345

Hair/Nails/Beauty: $400

Kids: $75

School: $110

Car Repair: $1435

Health: $290

Appliances: $260

Home Repair/Furniture: $1275

Car Replacement: $4375

We currently have *$6405 in our sinking funds, not including car replacement. That's pretty good. Our sinking funds saved our butts last month when our water heater went out. I was sad to take the money out of our "appliances" envelope, but so very glad we had it in there! We will also be using money from home repair shortly as the fence between our neighbors yard and ours fell down during the last storm, but again, I'm glad we have the money to pull from.

We will keep plugging away to meet all of our goals: debt reduction and eventual pay off, increased savings, and sinking funds that help keep us on track. 

*I know many people would suggest we use our sinking funds to pay off debt, but life happens. Sinking funds are the way we are preparing for it! Things like the water heater going out, cars getting stolen, and fences getting blown down. All of those things suck and take money to fix. Because of our sining funds, they were inconveniences, not emergencies.


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